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How to Get a Solid Photography Education in Just 4 Weeks

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"Please enjoy this 50 minute presentation to learn WHAT you need to learn to become a really solid photographer."

Peggy Farren

Founder, Understand Photography

What People are Saying

"4 Weeks to Proficiency achieves what it claims! The effective combination of the two hour weekly webinars coupled with daily 30 minute assignments and class facebook page, ensures that the principles taught in each class are embedded in your photography habits." ~ JILL

"I just finished this class with Peggy today, and I am THRILLED with what I have learned. I’ve had a nice camera for 5 years and absolutely no idea how to use it. I would turn all the automatic dials and take 100 pictures hoping to get one good one . . . really." ~ JULIE

“One of the best explanations I have had on exposure, aperture, and ISO. It has just always been hard to understand for me. She did a good job of clearing it up.” ~ BARBARA SPIELBERG KELTNER 

What Will You Learn?

In this webinar, Peggy Farren, creator of The Four Weeks to Proficiency in Photography Virtual Bootcamp, will be revealing the most important technical aspects of photography that every photographer needs to know. 

Do you REALLY understand exposure and how to shoot in the manual setting? If you are not comfortable shooting in the manual setting, you probably need to brush up on understanding exposure. Once you have a strong foundation in exposure, everything else comes much easier! 

You'll get a chance to see Peggy's simplified teaching style in this video. She goes slowly and speaks to the nontechnical photographer. 

  • How to win at photography competitions - As a frequent judge, Peggy will reveal the most common disqualification reasons and how you can overcome them. 
  • Does using flash intimidate you? It's not as tough as you think! In this webinar, Peggy will show you simple ways to use on and off camera flash effectively. 
  • Are you about to take an exotic trip and want to be sure you come home with awe-inspiring pictures? 
  • Are your technical insecurities keeping you from earning a good living in photography? 
  • Avoid overwhelm by learning what is vital to know to produce great images consistently. 
  • .... and much, much more! 

We'll help you put together a clear plan of action to get a solid photography education.

About The Presentor

Peggy Farren is an award winning, professional photographer and instructor specializing in beach portraits, studio portraiture and weddings. Peggy’s creativity, expertise, exceptional customer service and upbeat personality helped her company become the first recipient of the Naples Daily News’ Choice Award for Photography and continue to win every year. 

Avant-Garde Images, Inc., also won the National Association for Wedding Professionals “Industry Award” for 2011, which honors a company that stands out as an example of professionalism, kindness, success and over achievement. 

Peggy is often featured in the media. She is also one of the photography experts at ehow.com. 

Peggy began her photography career as an assistant photographer, videographer and video editor. She settled on portraiture when she began her own company over sixteen years ago. You will see her pictures gracing the covers of many local magazines, as well as national publications. She also freelances for Florida Weekly newspaper and has many corporate clients, including famous politicians and business icons. Avant-Garde Images has flourished while most other full time photography studios have shut their doors in recent years.

Peggy began offering photography training over seven years ago through her training center “Understand Photography”. The school offers training for beginning to advanced photographers, portrait to nature photographers. Peggy has a way of simplifying the technical side of photography so that her classes are in high demand. She also contracts several other professional photographers, many of them Master Photographers, to teach and lead photography trips.

Please check out Peggy’s work: www.UnderstandPhotography.com 

and www.NaplesPortraits.com